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Tour a Sintra

Tour a Sintra

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Sintra is a city in Portugal, the center of the municipality of the same name within the district of Lisbon.

  • The Pena Palace, a 19th-century architectural gem, rises majestically over the hills of Sintra, Portugal. This romantic monument is a fusion of styles, featuring colorful towers, elegant arches, and diverse decorative elements, providing a stunning fairy-tale-like view. Built on the ruins of an ancient convent, the Pena Palace is a vivid expression of the Romantic spirit, displaying a unique architectural exuberance. The meticulously planned surrounding gardens showcase a variety of plant species, charming lakes, and winding paths, offering visitors an immersive and picturesque experience. This Sintra icon, with its vibrant colors and enchanting atmosphere, continues to captivate admirers from around the world.